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Hi, I'm Peter Fritz, the author and publisher of Midlife Tribe, and a twice-divorced, twice-broke middle-aged father of three who finally got his sh*t together. I help over-40's master their moneytime and life through strategies and stories of midlife reinvention. Learn more about me or browse top posts here. To learn what this site stands for, check out the Midlife Tribe Manifesto.

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“I want to reinvent my life.”

“I never have enough time for myself.” 

“I want to do something meaningful with the rest of my life.”

“I wish I could find my passion and do that for a living instead.”

“I feel lost and aimless after my divorce.”

“I'm tired of being in debt.”

Master your timemoney, life.

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After nearly three years of weekly posts here at Midlife Tribe, I now share all my ideas at my main Peter Fritz website. If you've enjoyed reading my posts, you'll find more of the same over at I'd love to welcome you.

It's time to get your sh*t together…

Peter Fritz | Midlife Tribe | Midlife Mastery for Trailblazers1  Get control of your time & do more of what you love.
2  Master your money so you can sleep better at night.
3  Create an authentic, exciting and fulfilling life.

Mastering your midlife is easier than you think. It ain't the 90's anymore, you know. There's stuff you can do; steps you can take. There's the Internet, and that changes just about everything. Your folks never had it this good!

And don't think your ship has sailed, either. It never left the port – it's still here, waiting for you to climb aboard because it's your ship.

You have a lot more going for you than you realise. Your life experience – warts and all – gives you advantages the young guys don't have, and these advantages put you in a great position to reinvent yourself in the best life phase of all – your second act!

Are you ready? Then click here, and begin your midlife reinvention!

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