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Why are we afraid to discuss money?

Why are we afraid to discuss money? | One of the biggest killers in Western society is stress, and debt is often a catalyst. It begins from a young age – we’re taught to consume; to aspire for more, to out-do the Joneses. Wherever we gaze, we’re pummelled with marketing messages that tell us we’re […]

What it Means to Live Authentically

What it Means to Live Authentically | When I was 14, I had a Gucci T-shirt. It wasn't a real one, but it said ‘GUCCI' in big letters on the front, so I thought I looked pretty fancy each time I wore it. It was my ‘going out' t-shirt.  Years later on another trip to Hong Kong, […]

Do Goals Even Matter?

Do Goals Even Matter? | If you're a regular consumer of achievement-based material, you'll know that goals figure prominently in the public discourse. It's an accepted ‘truth' that without them, we become wandering generalities and achieve little in our miserable lives. But recently, I've begun to doubt their effectiveness. Gareth Andrews, founder of Life Again, posted […]

Why Your Marriage is Doomed to Fail

Why your Marriage is Doomed to Fail | I was struck by a thought the other day: most married couples are unhappy with their partner, such that if it were easy enough, they'd go shopping for a new one tomorrow. Not me, though. I've been with mine for close to ten years, and I still rather […]

Advantages of Starting a Business after 40

The Advantages of Starting a Business after 40 | Gary Vaynerchuck, James Altucher, Pat Flynn* and (insert favourite thought-leader here) will tell you that you don’t really need a traditional job anymore, and I tend to agree with them. I would agree though because I haven't had a real job in 10 years. But like anything, […]

Most of us are Living in a Fog

Most of us are Living in a Fog | My family and I just spent a glorious weekend in the Victorian High Country, where we walked through rugged bushland, played simple games by the fire, and revelled in great conversations. Early Sunday morning, my dad and I took a leisurely stroll through the bush that nestles […]

Why I'm Embracing Minimalism

Why I'm Embracing Minimalism | It all started when I was eight – the quest for what I call ‘the relentless pursuit of more'. Last week, I decided it no longer serviced, and that it was time to stop. Right now, I'm sitting in my office surrounded by things. Things I've collected, things I cherish, […]

How to Pay Less for the Car You Want

How to Pay Less for the Car You Want | People are judgemental creatures. Meet someone for the first time and chances are they'll look you up and down and in an instant, decide where you sit on their own personal pecking order. Don't smirk – you do it too. It happens in the office, […]

5 Email Hacks to Get Your Time Back

5 Email Hacks to Get Your Time Back | Yesterday morning I received 356 emails. Within an hour, my inbox was empty. I'm a huge fan of email. And anyone who works with me knows I'm prone to saying, “Flick me an email explaining what you want and I'll come back to you.” Want a meeting? […]

5 Reasons it isn't too late to Change Your Life

5 Reasons It's Not Too Late to Change Your Life | If you've been lurking around here for a while, you'll know that I believe your middle years – say 40 to 65 – are the greatest years of your life.  I'm now going to give you five reasons why. When I was young, dumb and […]

The Era of the Fake Expert

The Era of the Fake Expert | Everyone's an expert today. In relationships, business, marketing or investing, there's a cast of thousands that'll tell you what to do.  One of them is a guy I've known for 20 years. Let's call him Phil. Hell of a nice bloke. But every time I see him, he […]

The Easiest Path to Automatic Wealth

The Easiest Path to Automatic Wealth This is my shortest ever post, but possibly one of the most valuable. I tell my kids to save as much as they can while they're young; before they're destroyed by our society's out-of-control consumerism. I also tell them to pursue work that lights them up – whatever comes naturally […]