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5 Email Hacks to Get Your Time Back

5 Email Hacks to Get Your Time Back | Yesterday morning I received 356 emails. Within an hour, my inbox was empty. I'm a huge fan of email. And anyone who works with me knows I'm prone to saying, “Flick me an email explaining what you want and I'll come back to you.” Want a meeting? […]

5 Reasons it isn't too late to Change Your Life

5 Reasons It's Not Too Late to Change Your Life | If you've been lurking around here for a while, you'll know that I believe your middle years – say 40 to 65 – are the greatest years of your life.  I'm now going to give you five reasons why. When I was young, dumb and […]

The Era of the Fake Expert

The Era of the Fake Expert | Everyone's an expert today. In relationships, business, marketing or investing, there's a cast of thousands that'll tell you what to do.  One of them is a guy I've known for 20 years. Let's call him Phil. Hell of a nice bloke. But every time I see him, he […]

The Easiest Path to Automatic Wealth

The Easiest Path to Automatic Wealth This is my shortest ever post, but possibly one of the most valuable. I tell my kids to save as much as they can while they're young; before they're destroyed by our society's out-of-control consumerism. I also tell them to pursue work that lights them up – whatever comes naturally […]

I've Decided to Stop Ageing

I've Decided to Stop Ageing One of my deepest wishes is for my dad to still be around when my son and I begin our camping adventures. Tommy is only six-years-old, but my dad will tick over 81 this July.  Luckily, aside from some routine skin cancer removals, my dad is in rude health. Almost […]

This is Why You're Still Broke

This is Why You're Still Broke I used to have a spending problem. So much so, I treated junk mail like my personal shopping list, and deep down, I wished my life was like those photos you see on Instagram with dudes wearing fancy watches, in a driveway full of Italian exotica and a clutch of […]

I Want Only Three Things for my Girls

I Want Only Three Things for my Girls When my daughters started school ten years ago, I made it very clear to them what their job was going to be. I remember them standing on the porch with their crisp little uniforms, their ridiculous backpacks and perfect blonde hair. I crouched in front of them […]

You're Better Off Divorced

You're better off divorced.| On May 1st 2007, I walked up to the little two-bedroom unit that was now my home, and fumbled for a brass key that would open the door to the next chapter of my life. Overhead, birds sang in a tree, utterly ignorant of my pain. I strained a glance through the […]

Middle-Aged, Married and Mortgaged

Middle-Aged, Married & Mortgaged | Not long ago, I realised I was going to die. I didn’t know when, exactly, but I was sure it would be soon. Before we get to that, though, I need to tell you about my childhood. Don’t yawn; it’s interesting, I promise. At about the age of eight, I developed […]

Dating in the Middle Ages

Dating in the Middle Ages | I've been holed up with warm soup and painkillers following the extraction of my errant gallbladder, so this week's post is written by my talented and frighteningly experienced sister, Karin. Enjoy. 🙂 No, no, no…not medieval times, apologies for the misleading heading. I'm talking about being middle-aged and stepping […]

Forcing a Dream can be Dangerous

Forcing a Dream can be Dangerous A few days ago, my 16-year-old daughter wrote off my wife's car. She'd been driving for a grand total of five minutes. It was a small mistake on her part but a huge error for me. A few hours earlier, Amy experienced the euphoria of passing her Learner Permit test […]

Why The Joneses Will Hold You Back

Why The Joneses Will Hold You Back Both my daughters go to a private school. It's a decision we made back when we were riding high on property renovations; when we believed all of our dreams would soon come true. But as you know, life often has other plans. A few years later, it all imploded. […]